Lost your ATM Card? Do these 3 Things immediately

This guide contains important things you should do to prevent any financial risk if you lose your ATM Card

Lost ATM Card
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Sometimes, we don’t plan for the inevitable but the unfortunately thing is, they do occur, So in this article i want to give you tips and steps you should follow if one way or the other you lose your ATM Card either by accident or if it’s stolen.

Most of these tips are very vital because if you think your ATM Card cannot be accessed by a third party when lost or stolen then you’re in for a shocker.

1. Temporarily Cancel or Block the ATM

First things First, Block the ATM Card whether it’s temporary if you misplaced it and you have hope of finding it or Permanently if you’re certain it’s gone finally, Block it.

How to Block a Lost or Stolen ATM Card

Normally your Bank App should have an option where you can Temporarily block your ATM Card although this varies for different bank. but if that is not the case then you should dial *966*911# to disable or block all withdrawal actions on your account, then go to your bank to complain and fix it.

2. Visit the Bank for a Replacement

The second thing you should do is to visit your bank to report the loss and request for another new ATM Card, additionally if you haven’t initially blocked the ATM Card, you should tell them help you block it in the bank.

3. Check for any Unauthorized Transactions

You should check for any unauthorized transaction that happened during the period of time the ATM Card was lost for, if you find any, Report them to the Bank

Additional Tips

Change your PIN: If you had your PIN written down or stored with your lost card, change it as soon as possible to prevent any misuse or future threats.

Monitor your account: Keep a close eye on your bank account for any suspicious activity and Report any unauthorized transactions you notice to your bank immediately.

update any automatic payments: If you had any automatic payments set up with your lost ATM card, make sure to update them with your new card details once you receive it.

Consider changing account details: If you suspect that your lost ATM card was stolen rather than simply lost, you may want to consider changing your previous bank account number to prevent any further unauthorized access.

Notify relevant authorities: If you believe your ATM card was stolen or if you suspect foul play from someone you know, consider reporting the incident to the police to file a report.

Review your security practices: Also Take this opportunity to review your security practices when it comes to handling your ATM card and personal information. Make sure you store your card securely and don’t share your PIN with anyone.

To Round it Up

Taking these mentioned steps can help safeguard your finances and prevent any potential issues that may arise from losing your ATM card.

Also Remember, it’s crucial to act quickly in order to minimize any potential risks associated with the lost of your ATM card.

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