How to STOP Disturbing SMS from MTN,GLO and Others

This guide will help you disable or atleast limit the Spam Text messages you get on your phone number. Follow the steps as provided.

Disturbing SMS
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I’m Sure you’re tired of receiving those Spammy and Promotional SMS from MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile that disturbs you everytime, Trust me they can be very annoying especially when you’re expecting a more important Message like a Bank Alert or Something, But how do we Stop receiving these SMS Messages?

Some Few years ago the NCC had already provided a way to Manage or Even totally STOP users from getting these messages if they want but it seems not everyone knows about this and that’s what we are for, to provide you with ways to get out of situations like this.

How to Stop Disturbing SMS from MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile

Like I said earlier, the NCC has already provided a solution for this and here how you should go about it.

Method 1: To Disable all disturbing SMS, what you need to do is Open your Message app and Text STOP to 2442. After doing this you will Stop Receiving the disturbing SMS.

Method 2: In a case where you are interested in some for the messages you’ve been receiving and want to keep receiving those messages, there’s an option for you to Cancel some of the SMS and keep the Receiving the ones you want.

In this case what you need to do is to disable the categories one by one, for Example, if you want to cancel SMS related to Sports, what you need to do is to look at the number where Sport is Located and Text it to 2442. e.g 8 to 2442.

You can do the same for any of the category you want to stop receiving messages for with the category Numbers below.

1. Banking/Insurance/Financial Products
2. Real Estate
3. Education
4. Health
5. Consumer goods and Automobiles
6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
7. Tourism/Leisure
8. Sports
9. Religion
10. Information on new products/services from the service provider
11. News Alerts

Additional Options

  • To Check the Services you’ve blocked and the ones that are active, Text STATUS to 2442
  • If you want to Receive the Messages again or Re-Activate the Messages you’ve blocked, Text ALLOW to 2442.
  • If you want to see all the options about the service, Text HELP to 2442.

So, That’s it, with the Steps I’ve Illustrated above you’ll no longer receive any Spammy or Disturbing SMS from your Network Provider.

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