How to Set Multiple Wallpaper on Your Android

If you like having multiple wallpaper on your android phone, this article is for you.

How to Set Multiple Wallpaper on Your Android
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Most Operating Systems in Android phones do not have the feature to apply or Set Multiple Wallpaper on your homescreen at once, it at most allows you to set one picture each for Home and Lock Screen.

So its has made users who love the feature (which includes me of course) to look for an alternative way on how to set multiple wallpaper with third party apps, in my own quest, i did find a method that works for me which i’ll share with you in this Article.

Before i show you the Steps you need to Download the Third Party App which i use from Google PlayStore the App name is Multiple Picture Wallpaper or you can download it below.

Download Multiple Picture Wallpaper

After Downloading, install the app and follow the Steps below

Steps on How to set multiple wallpaper

How to Set Multiple Wallpaper on Your Android
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1. Choose Multiple Pictures

Once you open the app you’ll be greeted with the main dashboard where all the settings will be done, so the first thing you should do is to select 2 or more pictures which you want apply on your home screen by tapping the + to add picture or to remove.

2. Format the Pictures

On the right of the picture you will see options in graphic form which you use to edit or tune your selected pictures into what you want them to look like on your home screen, these options include Trimming or Cropping, Rotation and the Fit On option which makes the pictures you select automatically fit to your screen.

3. Toggle Settings

Under the Page you’ll see some settings or Options to toggle ON/OFF, Such as SLIDE, FIT BACKGROUND COLOR, SHUFFLE.

4. Apply Multiple Wallpapers

After all your adjustment has been set, Click on the Second before last ICON on the page, on the preview screen tap on Set Wallpaper then Choose Home Screen to apply and activate the Multiple Wallpapers.

How to Set Multiple Wallpaper on Your Android
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5. Outcome Of Multiple Wallpaper

After you’ve completed the set up, the Multiple Wallpaper feature will now the Active on your Phone’s Home Screen. See below for Example.

How to Set Multiple Wallpaper on Your Android
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So That’s it, i hope this article is Helpful to you, If you face any error of any kind, Feel free to drop a comment below.

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